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We are pleased to share that Orient Link Pte. Ltd. (OLL) and NEC have signed an agreement to build the MIST Cable System (MIST). MIST will directly connect Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and India (Mumbai and Chennai) and deliver a design capacity of more than 216 terabits per second (Tbps). Construction of the nearly 8,100-kilometer optical submarine cable is targeted to be completed by the third quarter of FY2022.

The Asia region has experienced accelerated digital investment driven by data center growth, the proliferation of mobile, 5G services and business expansion of digital platforms, such as SNS, e-commerce and cloud services for enterprises. These advancements have contributed to an increasing amount of data traffic across submarine cables. MIST will further enhance and contribute to the much-needed expansion of communications networks from Asia, thereby improving network redundancy, ensuring highly reliable communications and expanding onward connectivity options in the Bay of Bengal.

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それは経済連携協定FTA / EPA)の締結による物品貿易の拡大より以上に、多くの人々の日々の生活に直接貢献することになるだろう。ありがとう😊!

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