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iTravel Journal #1 【London Solo-Trip / its memory and photos】YR_2019_January.

I resume a series of my personal blog, featuring many photos of U.K. when iTravel to London in YR_2019.
That was just after I had resigned Thomson Reuters Japan as of January, 2019. I had been engaged as a Lead Consultant, FTA (Global Trade) under APAC and North Asia (called ANA at TR)  in Tokyo Office at The Akasaka BizTower, then. 

iTravel JournalLondon Solo-Trip / its memory and photos
YR_2019_January. #1



Tube station in London, U.K. before they decided Brexit in January 2019.



some Residential district in downtown London. (guess it's near Knightsbridge)


One of the most impressive places/events is The Cambridge Theater.
It locates near at the #Sevendials near the Tube stations in between #Leicestersquare and #Coventgarden.  The musical named “Matilda” / “TKTS Booth”, I loved them.


Cambridge Theater held "Matilda". Photo shot from the center of The Seven Dials monument.


Public Telephone booths are quite popular that some people even buy them.