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iTravel Journal #1 【London Solo-Trip / its memory and photos】YR_2019_January.

London 一人旅 (シリーズ前書き)

I resume a series of my personal blog, featuring many photos of U.K. when iTravel to London in YR_2019.
That was just after I had resigned Thomson Reuters Japan as of January, 2019. I had been engaged as a Lead Consultant, FTA (Global Trade) under APAC and North Asia (called ANA at TR)  in Tokyo Office at The Akasaka BizTower, then. 

iTravel JournalLondon Solo-Trip / its memory and photos
YR_2019_January. #1



Tube station in London, U.K. before they decided Brexit in January 2019.



some Residential district in downtown London. (guess it's near Knightsbridge)


One of the most impressive places/events is The Cambridge Theater.
It locates near at the #Sevendials near the Tube stations in between #Leicestersquare and #Coventgarden.  The musical named “Matilda” / “TKTS Booth”, I loved them.


Cambridge Theater held "Matilda". Photo shot from the center of The Seven Dials monument.


Public Telephone booths are quite popular that some people even buy them.

London 一人旅 (シリーズ前書き)