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India, Friend. Alliance or not ?

Accurasal - CoE (@Accurasal)
Reported India indicates to join to SEO with China & Russia. I prefer this South Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Tokyo.

India is just reported its intention to join to 'SEO' with China & Russia.... 

Rival's neighbor - what we should call ? 

It was just right after the announcement of plan ;  "Japan aids India huge economic investment there very near future." 

No one deny Realism, which is truly lead by nature of POLITICS. 

Yet, I prefer this South Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the heart of Tokyo, honestly as a human. They serve better and best and earn clean money by their own hands with India's own cultural expertise. I say economics is definitely better than politics. 

Can't wait dinner next weekend with friends at the Top ranked Indian Restaurant in Japan, they say. 

Did you know them ?

- Dahba India.  Yaesu, Tokyo. 

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