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Made in London ( Greenford Park estate )




photo above / from Facebook

I have uploaded my digital data of photos and shared among some of my fb connected colleagues of Boston ECO intn'l purchasing office which was welcomed by them. 18 years ago. Very good that I keep on refleshing my memories even if 18 years ago. You guys are my buddy forever !!

P.S. Time to time, I repeat my visual memories of them and some spcific scenes, trying to integrate all the experiences & know-hows for my current expertises as a Trade Adviser. Lol.

This Pic is London office old friend when I had journey to there in last January. Very good.


Looking back to 90's. 
🥁🪘🎼person to person tied up with such shared memory based on ones’ living experiences together.
In Suburban LONDON at certain local PUB with my old colleague Mr. P.C.
I can still visualize that moment when he guided me and Mr.M to five potential antenna jack manufacturers in Europe when was back to 1994.

There was no "with rollers Carry-on Luggage" in such old days, so I had to struggle to carry my heavy suitcase 🧳 by own hands, starting to walk on foot, just out from the Railroad station. The straight road to the factory of German machinery manufacturers was in such distance of 15 minutes away. !!!
Naturally as some suburban small town, there was no taxi 🚕 at the station and we tree of us unexpectedly had to walk by 🦶 foot !
💦 sweat enough, miserably discovered by the nicely dark-suite worn German Gentlemen there.