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so good so miss you !

Accurasal - CoE (@Accurasal)
Happy Valentine's Day, America !
Miss older days of America late 80's & late 90's when I had been there & I keep 'em in my eyes still. ^^;

I now think like as bellow ; 

There is no Twitter in the Era. 
There is no Facebook in the Era. 
There is no You-tube no SNS at all in the Era in that Cube. Calm. 

Nobody far expected This Digital life arise unknowingly being conquered by lots of Cyber technologies and occupied by it's space. Invented ? No way. 

No war at Cyber space then, nor Space outside the Earth, yet Land, Sea, & Sky. How and Why ? things changed so and it becomes this terrible. 

There is no T****r at all in America. I can recall good old day's of 87-92 and 97-2002 when I was there !!  Mind-rich and affordable American life. Lost image of " Gorgeous " America. 

It is terribly regrettable in deed that things had dramatically and unforeseeably changed suddenly after 2 of Jet Liners crushed into Twin Towers in N.Y. 
You know that. 

Recognized that those series of historical ugly never-acceptable incidents are hidden sunken underground, or someone could foresee apparent symptom of worse transformation of lives in the Globalism affected World in our humankind civilization and stop it.... Where is Batman
Are we civilized or be in totally opposite way !??
Can we really stop each of those killing fields in many places, many countries in this Earth ?? 

Should do that in anyway anyhow soon. I am and should be one of such a soul who desires respectful and safer Earth and this World in the bottom of my heart and for the sake of all tomorrow generation. 

Have a nice day, Mates !

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