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Sacramento, my life started

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If I remind my American LIFE. It was started at Sacramento, a Capitol city of California. 
Accurasal (@Accurasal)
02/16 08:28am
21 years ago, my baby was born here! Lived in Orangevale & American River Drive first in 1987, when was beautiful life of mine. #Sacramento
Sutter Memorial Hospital. 
Sacramento, California. Near American River Drive, closer area to highway U.S.50 and Gold rush places such as Eldorado hills and Sonoma. 
I had gotten my " Gold rush experience " there in my lifetime with family. 
Never can imagine recent tough situation of Semiconductor business when I had started my business career there in Roseville. 

26 years passed since then and it became a real history. Truly, first and nice experience living a life in California, and America. I love USA still now. 

Again, I had gone to U.S. in 1997, 16 years ago to greater Boston, Massachusetts. Settled down to Belmont. Worked at the office in Wakefield, then relocated to Boxborough at Route 2 and I-128. 

At present, family are living in Kawasaki, Japan. We completely adopted Japan life now whether like or dislike, yet we still keep some very good backgrounds & ways of thinking from our precious American Life. 
Thank you, all.  God bless America. 

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