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Nature, Earth, and more than ever is People's LIFE

What a wonderful world !
Nature calls and got awake 4a.m. JST
Local birds are singing here & there as they always do. 
Here on the Globe, more than ever is People's LIFE ' variety '. 

I'm indeed enjoying much of my life even staying home in Tokyo every moment during GW this year. That is because of my Facebook friends' broadcasting every moment via World Wide Web ?!!  Thank www. 

One : photos from Bangkok Thailand on the way back to his New Delhi office. 
Also l.o.l. at a glance of "Jumping" photo in front of Taj Mahal. This is another guy. 

The other : arriving Honolulu Hawaii to see her lovely family. ...and more : 
One seems to be traveling all the way of Southern Kyushu Island, Japan. A hot spring field. 

Just talked with my Boston old good friend via FB chat yesterday. I'm happy about this very much. He says people in Boston eventually recovery from what happened there. 

BTW, our PM Abe san reports his successful talk with Putin san, which sounds nice to both people, huh? 

The Earth live. Human living world keeps on going with no stop and more advance to future. Interesting life here.  
Ho ho ho. Net provide this life to me with almost no barrier. 
Such experience of multiple lives as real time broadcasting is gorgeous enough and I like it. 

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