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The Point Arena Hot Springs were a resort in the early 1900s, accessible only by horse carriage. With the advent of the car, they weren't accessed as much. They have mostly disintegrated, although volunteers occasionally rebuild the pools.. The main pool (the hottest) is in a tall, narrow cement tank, big enough for one person to stand in. There are four pools total, all with earth bottoms/leaves etc.
The property is owned by a now-defunct logging company, and the parking area is public access. The hike in is tough, but worth it. Be prepared to camp there.
出典:Point Arena Hot Springs
Matt had heard about them (abandoned in 1909, how could we resist?) and tried to find them (unsuccessfully) once before. We were told that we could park at the Point Arena Air Force Station (who knew?) and hike down, as someone from had gotten permission to do so.