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Boston, another hometown in my mind...

  • If I start my personal blog (diary) to describe "my LIFE", it should had been started from , a Capitol of California State.
  • It was exactly TEN years later when was in 1997, I had gone to U.S. AGAIN for the next assignment of my duty by Company. The office location was Boston, Massachusetts. Settled down to town of Belmont. Worked at the office in Wakefield fairly northern part of alongside Route 128, then relocated to Boxborough at Route 2 and I-128 in the year of 2000.
  • Long long and winding years had been passed since then and at present, our family are living in Kawasaki,Japan. Returned to Japan in October, 2002, we then completely adopted to Japan life now, whether we like or dislike it, yet I by myself still keep some very good backgrounds and ways of thinking from my ""precious American days"".

Thank you, all and God bless America.

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