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Napa Valley incident (@HelicopterKen)

(1) breaking news ;  quoted 

Ken Smith (@HelicopterKen)
***6.0 Earthquake hits the north bay near Napa California. Reports of power outages in Napa. Map attached....

From my personal Station ; 

I have just realized Napa Valley's earthquake at 3am on Sunday 8/24. 

I'm worry about some friends in Northern California. 

It was 1989 ? - 25 yeas ago when The last big one came, due to "San Andreas Fault". I was in Sacramento then, working in Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in Roseville next of H.P.  Hope no one hurt. 

(2) the second subject ; this week. 

BTW, regarding that "ice bucket" challenge among American Celebrities. That will done with some sort of "Chain Reactions" in the a States which already arrived at Japan's Celebrities. Such an Actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, he insists his own opinion with his visual activity. 

Actually, I have already been feeling different, just right after I've heard this Last Monday in my office. 

It's not because of such Performance, but should be the reason of warm and kind heart to help those who suffered some problems. Not only for ALS suffered, but all for need support, society members should support regardless of such performance whichever good or not so good. 

Why ice bucket ? I feel different.