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Professional speaking

Accuracy.o.E. (@Accurasal)
1) Just before FIFA game of Japan. 
Saturday was good one when I attended English "Professional speaking" class and had a nice conversation with some of classmates over the lunch at Univ. cafeteria, by which I felt as if I was a college student even now ! Anything would be possible. 
Stay hungry, stay foolish. 

I love that broad campus in Northwest of Center TOKYO. 
- Lots of trees and nature. 
- So many buildings. 
- And full of energy by youngsters. Better than Harvard, maybe. 
Accuracy.o.E. (@Accurasal)
2) A day off duty on Friday. Accompanied with my Mom to go see Doc for periodical Med check and the result was very good.
Sigh of relief.
Accuracy.o.E. (@Accurasal)
3) Anything is possible. I keep on moving forward to realize some of my dreams and no stopping no hesitation, but challenge !
Stay hungry, stay foolish.