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TOKYO SKY TREE / Look Fareast !

Sorry for sleeping shape weard pic !?? 
--- Today, I visited one of my related office to have certain business meeting, from which office building, we can see a new landmark of TOKYO ;
Sky Tree【TV Broadcasting and Radio/Mobille communication TOWER 】is locating near by the famous Sumida River... This area could be a new sightseeing tour location attracting to many Chinese tourists and Western tourists.
The height of this tower(*) is 634 meters tall, exceeding Tokyo Tower 333m :
(*) " Tokyo Sky Tree ", is now under 'interior' settle down / after structural construction completed for more than 2 to 3 years long.

Once I had been engaged to source and purchase Radio Communication Towers and Parbolic Anttenas for INTELSAT Standard-A Earth Stations in world-wide locations such as Singapore, India, Siwtherland, Phillippines, etc. etc.