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Photos of Japanese Edo-castle;"Koukyo”『皇居』

  • Surrounding area of Japanese Emperor's residential place (former "Edo" Castle) in Kudan-shita, Chiyoda-Ku, Central Tokyo Fields;
  • The recommended photo number 3.

photos shot by Andy-e49er/Accurasal dated on May 2,2010 during Japanese Golden Week Holidays.

  • From top (Kudan-shita Metro station entrance to return to my home at 6 O'Clock ) to bottom ( timeline earlier, started to walk from "Shimizu-mon" at 5 O'Clock ), walked up and inside the Kitanomaru Park;

Photos by Andy-e49er/Accurasal

17:"Kundan-shita" Metro Station entrance @ Tokyo,Japan

16:some big shape, up & down in waterpond surrounding Edo-castle,Tokyo
the Building, named "Showa-Kan" nearby Kudan-shita station.

15:some Flowers inside the Kitanomaru Park

14:another Flowers

13:Ground green glasses, 2 kinds of

12:Map of the Kitanomaru Park,Tokyo

11:Shimizu-mon(Gate); entered here at 5 O'clock in May 2010

10:Shimizu-mon of Edo-jo:,Tokyo, Japan

9:Inside the Shimizu-mon of Edo-jo,Tokyo, Japan

8:Landscape of Edo-jo,Tokyo, Japan

7:an approaching road to Shimizu-mon

6:the explanatory plate of Shimizu-mon

5:stone-made castle structure

4: a gate of Edo-jo: Emperor's castle,Tokyo. @ May 2

3:Beautiful sunset,flowers,and pond of Edo-castle Uchi-bori

2: approaching road people walked away from the Castle

1:a view from kudan-shita(九段下南側、清水門)Tokyo. May 2

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