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Sacramento, hometown in my mind...

If I start my personal blog (diary) to describe "my LIFE", it should had been started from , a Capitol of California State.

  • It is of course very much clear to me that 26 years ago, which means quite far enough from now, I arrived at Sacramento Municipal Airport as very first time for me, where my immediate boss Mr.Y was there driving Ford 5-liters big sedan "Crown Victoria", to see me there and to bring me to our office !
  • It was only 1 or 2 months before I had been traveling from Singapore to Roseville, took United Airlines to San Francisco, switched to smaller airplane to SACTO. SACTO is The International Airport as formal, yet looks alike almost "Local" small one. I like it.
  • After checked in weekly-rate hotel, first thing to do was that some of my senior members took me to look around the town, and to find the place to live in. After watching some and considering candidates to take, I finally settled in to the location named "Selby Ranch", looked too gorgeous for me, where probably more than 100 apartment houses were there in their huge land area.
  • I now guess that Selby Ranch was namely Ranch once ago where they had horses. It was large scale living site for mainly American White People who were wealthy enough and fairly older generations. Merit to live in such place was/is no need for being bothered by works to live.

Selby Ranch is locating to American River Drive, where you could find considerably wealthy people's single family homes residence. That was an important point to me. "Safety"

  • Living there was very much fun, with 4 of Tennis Courts and 1 Swimming pool, especially for the younger late 20's guy, because American Apartment house was functional and spacious. I rent 2 Bed-rooms home. It was CONDO, so every maintenance and necessary management was done by Property Managements, no need to do anything for living issues by residents. I clearly remember the management office. They even rent a bicycle if like. I want to visit there now to remember my old time to live there.
  • Years later, leaving American River Drive district, my wife and I relocated to Single home in Orangevale, outside color of house is brown and cream. I was sure that we had been ready enough to finish living rent "Apartment house" and time to move to "Single Home" with 2 car garages.
  • That house had truly spacious backyard and front yard as well. It was very good that commuting to office was much closer and easy from that Orangevale home, so we had been enjoyed to live there by all means.
  • The area "Orangevale" was namely decent and very quiet, also most important factor was "safe area" living by nice'n ordinal families around there, where no nuisance, no issues at all during our stay for more than 2 to 3 years. We had beautiful Rose flowers in front yard and I enjoyed them very much.
  • Roseville and Sacramento, California. No one never ever could imagine what would be happening 20 years later from then. Now it is the year of 2012 - 2013, and if you might be interesting to know it, present very tough situation of Semiconductor business downturn.
  • 26 years passed since then, and it created certain real history of mine and industry. Truly, first and nice experience of living and working in America, as my first married life and as a professional career started "abroad", was in California - The United States of America.

I love USA very much still now, of course without doubt.

  • It was exactly TEN years later when was in 1997 I had gone to U.S. AGAIN for the next assignment of my duty by Company. The office location was Boston, Massachusetts.

Settled down to town of Belmont. Worked at the office in Wakefield fairly northern part of alongside Route 128, then relocated to Boxborough at Route 2 and I-128 in the year of 2000.

  • Long long and winding years had been passed since then and at present, our family are living in Kawasaki,Japan. Returned to Japan in October, 2002, we then completely adopted to Japan life now, whether we like or dislike it, yet I by myself still keep some very good backgrounds and ways of thinking from my ""precious American days"".

Thank you, all and God bless America.

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